What Should You Look for in a Car Accident Lawyer?

One of the most distressing random incidents that a person might experience is a car collision.
When you’ve been hurt in some way or missed a crucial meeting or day at work, this event takes on a whole new meaning. The saddest aspect is that if someone else was at fault, you were forced to go through this because of their error.
It’s not as simple as contacting the first commercial you hear on the radio or television to find the best automobile accident lawyer. You should look into the top lawyers in your area as well as their fees, as some will cover your costs and only charge you if you win. The following are characteristics to look for in a car accident attorney.


There are lots of personal injury law companies that are content to accept the first settlement offer they get. Insurance companies will try to undercut the first offer with a lawyer who never goes to trial since they know this lawyer or their company never truly pushes back.

You may be able to secure a much larger settlement than you could have dreamed if you go to trial. You don’t want a lawyer who is willing to go to trial if he or she is pushed around at the bargaining table. You are at the mercy of the individual who has damaged you and their legal team if you do not take action.

Cases against large corporations

There will be law firms that have never handled a major case and hence have no name recognition in the judicial system. Companies will strive to drag out cases with firms that do not have the most employees or cash flow in order to prolong the struggle. If you’re suing a prominent name for hitting you, be sure your firm and its legal staff aren’t easily frightened.

Established in the neighborhood

Established lawyers in the area have ties with judges and insurance company lawyers and can use their clout to assist secure a higher settlement. If the case is not going in your favor, a person who has never worked in the region has no one to turn to. During a trial, judges may be
harsher on these lawyers, so hire a legal team such as a Modesto car attorney that has been established in your area for years.

Practices in a wide range of injuries

An injury lawyer who handles a variety of injury cases will have more experience than a lawyer who only handles automobile accidents. This could indicate that this type of law company has a bigger number of expert witnesses on staff as well as experience with a variety of cases similar to yours. Insurance companies are constantly confronted with these law firms, so one that instills dread in them is ideal.

Proactiveness is required of a car accident lawyer

You should never be concerned about if your attorney is expediting your injury claim rather than waiting to see what happens next.

Insurance companies and their lawyers want to hold off on paying you as long as possible. As a result, you can’t expect them to go much faster than they must. To guarantee that the procedure continues forward, your lawyer must supply the essential drive and impetus.

Expect your automobile accident attorney to be prepared

Every document will be scrutinized by the insurance company’s lawyers, who will not hesitate to issue many demands for information. If your automobile accident attorney prepares your claim with as much paperwork as possible, the process may take longer than expected.

Following a car accident, you will face numerous unplanned expenses as well as a potential financial burden if your injury prevents you from working. You should anticipate that your lawyer will not charge any advance costs and will instead be paid after your case is resolved.

This implies you won’t have to come up with the cash to have expert legal representation. And, if your case does end up in court, having a well-documented file will help you win at trial. The characteristics listed above are important to consider when choosing a car accident lawyer. However, you must act quickly since certain components of a case have time limits.

Can Victim File A Claim If His License Is Expired?

After any car accident, usually, the insurance company of the at-fault driver pays for the loss and injuries of the victim. This means at the time of the car wreck even if the license of the driver has expired, you have the legal right to file a compensation claim.

Can Insurance Company Deny My Claim?

Keep in mind that insurance companies always have their interest at first priority and then care for the accident victims. That is the reason, insurance companies try to devalue or deny the claim if your license is expired at the time of the car accident.

They most likely make the argument that the claimant should not have been on the road if their license was expired and hence they cannot claim for the injuries. However, that is not true entirely. The drive who showed negligence and caused the accident is the one who is accountable.

Therefore, the liability insurance of the negligent driver should be responsible for paying the medical expenses and other property damages. Being a victim, it is your responsibility to prove the negligence of the driver in front of the jury. However, having an experienced lawyer on your side can make all difference.

What If Victim Is Also Partially At Fault?

Even if the victim is at fault partially for the accident with an expired driving license, still he/she is legally allowed to file a compensation claim. Depending on the percentage of the fault that is upon the victim, the compensation is usually decreased by that amount. Hiring an attorney will maximize the recovery amount by negotiating with the other’s party insurance company.

What are the Penalties for Driving with the Expired License?

It is illegal to drive with an expired license and the driver has to face the repercussions. As the penalty differs from state to state but usually $200 plus a surcharge of $100 per year is fined for up to three years. If your license is expired and got into an accident, one of the first things to do is renew your license by phone, mail, or online.

Got More Queries? Call Car Accident Attorney

If you have an expired license then filing a car accident personal injury claim is complicated and stressful. It is better to speak with the San diego car accident lawyer before filing the claim with your insurance company who can help you throughout the legal trial. Especially in such complicated cases when a crash happened and your license was expired.

Our lawyers are well prepared to answer all questions that you have in your mind about the potential claim. If you hire our attorney to represent you during the injury claim trial then we assure you that you will get the compensation (for injuries, property damage, pain and suffering, lost wages) you truly deserve.

With years of experience, our attorneys helped hundreds of clients proving the negligence of the other drivers. If it seems necessary, they are prepared to take your claim to the court.

Benefits Of An Attorney In Appealing A Denied Workers’ Compensation Claim

Workers’ compensation laws are set up to compensate employees who are injured on the job without requiring a personal injury lawsuit. The workers’ compensation statutes are set up to be no fault meaning that any negligence on the part of the employee or the employer is not at issue.  Some people may feel that they may be able to navigate this process on their own without an attorney. However, successfully navigating the workers’ compensation claims process is complicated, frustrating process, especially if your claim is denied. When someone’s worker’s compensation claim is denied they should take the following steps:

Contact Their Insurance Carrier

Occasionally a denial may be simply caused by a missing document or an error. If so, contacting your insurance carrier may provide a solution in this regard.

Complete The Required Documentation For An Appeal

The appeals process for workers’ compensation claims varies state by state, although in most states there is an application form to appeal your denial. Some states such as Utah have different forms for appealing different types of claims, such as injury by accident or occupational disease. It is also important to file your documentation in an appropriate and timely manner. 

Gather Evidence In support Of Your Claim

Appealing a denial of workers’ compensation benefits is similar to a trial in that you are required to submit evidence to prove the merit of your claim. It usually includes medical records or other evidence relating to the work-related injury you have suffered.

Contact An Experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney 

Appealing a denial of a workers’ compensation claim is always a complicated process. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney represents you in your appeal hearing and assists with everything from filing the correct paperwork to gathering evidence to bolster your claim. Working with an attorney is the best way to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. An attorney performs the following important tasks that are almost impossible for someone to do by themselves: 

Advises you on the validity of your claim – Work related” injuries encompass a wide range of possible injuries, however not all injuries are compensable especially if they are judged not to be work related. An attorney advises you on the likelihood of your injury being covered by workers’ compensation.

Files your claim in an appropriate and timely manner – In order to receive workers’ compensation benefits you must file a claim correctly. Claims involve multiple claim forms and vary according to the laws in your state, however an experienced workers’ comp attorney ensures your claim gets filed promptly and correctly.

Handling appeals in case of a denial – In the case of denial of your workers’ compensation claim, an attorney assists you throughout the appeals process.

Filing a lawsuit if workers’ compensation benefits are insufficient – In instances where the benefits may not be sufficient to adequately compensate you for your injuries and the costs you’ve incurred, a workers’ compensation attorney helps you to decide whether to continue with a workers’ compensation claim or file a civil lawsuit.

If your worker’s compensation claim has been denied it is advisable to stop wasting your time and immediately retain the services of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to get a favorable resolution to your claim. 

10 Ways to Prevent Construction Injuries

Construction jobs are considered high-risk, as accidents on the site are quite common. About 20% of all workplace injuries and deaths emerge from the construction industry. Construction workers are constantly faced with challenges because their daily regime consists of difficult tasks, such as lifting heavy equipment, operating powerful machinery, working at heights, and walking around chemicals, dust, and debris all day. The most common injuries among construction workers result from falls from high places and falling/flying debris. California Personal Injury Lawyer insists that construction sites can be one of the safest locations to work if you practice the following safety procedures:

1.      Regular Training

Highly skilled workers on the job can avert all kinds of accidents or fallouts. Everyone working on the construction site must be well trained for the task they are assigned. Arranging regular training sessions or refresher courses will help the staff stay at the top of their game. Whenever the equipment or technology is upgraded, it is compulsory to educate the workers to properly utilize it.

2.      Daily Meeting and Audit

Every construction site is not the same, so a daily meeting and audit is helpful to summarize the tasks at hand and ensure sound working conditions. The workers can report any potential threats or dangerous conditions at the site during the assembly, so that they are eliminated as soon as possible.

3.      Provide all the necessary PPEs

Workers must have access to all PPEs (personal protection equipment) adhering to their working environment and nature of job. Visibility clothing would be suitable where driving vehicles and large machinery is involved. Hard hats can save the worker from head injuries during slip & fall accidents, and from falling debris; wide brimmed hats are suitable to shield from sun glare. Safety goggles shall protect the eyes from dust and chemicals. Hard boots, full body suits, and gloves can protect from other bodily injuries.

4.      Eliminate Workplace Hazards

When a hazard is noticed or reported at the workplace, immediate action is required. Whether it is faulty wiring, a chemical spill, defective equipment, or anything else, repairs or removal must be a priority.

5.      Discourage Night Shifts

The probability of construction accidents is elevated in the late hours due to decreased visibility and fatigue. It is favorable to get the work done during daylight hours.

6.      Keep the Workplace Clean

Debris, dust, chemicals, and abandoned tools/equipment lying across the workplace promote accidents. Inhaling toxic particles/fumes, contact with sharp/harmful objects, or slipping over trash/rubble can cause severe injuries or illnesses. Keeping the workplace clean, bright, airy, and easy to move around at all times.

7.      Proper Storage

Establish strict rules regarding storage and placement of all tools/equipment, in order to avoid chaos and clutter. Workers will not lose things or create obstacles for others on the site.

8.      Prevent Dehydration and Malnutrition

Construction work typically involves a lot of physical exertion. Drinking water must always be available in proximity, so workers can quench their thirst. Workers need nutritious meals to replenish their energy and retain strength. 

9.      Approve Regular Breaks

Allow workers to rest when they feel tired or exhausted after a task. They can get back to work after they catch a breath and feel stabilized. A drained or weary worker may harm himself/herself and others around.

10. Inhibit Falls

As falling from heights is the most frequent cause of construction injuries, one should take measures to resolve the problem. The fall protection system may include installation of guardrails, toe boards, harnesses, scaffoldings, nets, screens, or canopy structures.

Settling a Wrongful Death Claim

Arizona’s wrongful death laws can apply whenever a person dies as the result of the negligent, willful and wanton or intentional acts of another. A wrongful death might occur in a motor vehicle crash, from medical malpractice, from a dangerously defective product or even from the care or lack of it in a nursing home.

Arizona’s Wrongful Death Statute

Wrongful death actions in Arizona are controlled by statute pursuant to ARS 12-611 to 12-613. In accordance with A.R.S. Section 2-612, those people who are permitted to bring a wrongful death action include:

  • A surviving spouse
  • Any of the decedent’s surviving children
  • A surviving parent or guardian of the decedent
  • The personal representative of any of the above people
  • The personal representative of the decedent’s estate

Those who aren’t permitted to bring a wrongful death action include siblings, same-sex partners and those purported to be common law spouses.

Settlement of a Wrongful Death Claim

Arizona Revised Statutes, specifically ARS Section 12-612, controls distribution of any proceeds derived in a wrongful death case. They’re to be distributed in accordance with strict guidelines.

If the decedent’s estate brought the action, the wrongful death lawsuit settlement is payable to that estate. Distribution is where some very significant issues can arise.

A Distribution Issue Scenario

The mother of three children died in a nursing home as a result of inadequate care. A son filed a wrongful death action against the nursing home, but he failed to advise his two siblings accordingly. When the case settled, word leaked out to those two siblings.

One of them looked into the matter, and he learned that indeed the information from the leak was true. He phoned the wrongful death attorney who brought the case. The attorney was stunned. Either he failed to ask whether there were two more children born of the decedent’s marriage, or he was lied to.

The Fiduciary Duty

The person bringing the wrongful death action is acting in a fiduciary capacity and owes anybody else who might receive proceeds from the case the highest duty of trust and care. Arizona Laws under ARS 12-612(C) mandates how wrongful death settlements are to be distributed. A failure to distribute the proceeds in accordance with the statute is a breach of that fiduciary duty.

How the Duty was Breached

It simply isn’t within the one son’s power to settle and terminate the wrongful death case and distribute its proceeds without the consent of the two siblings that were left out of the case. The statutory plaintiff and his or her wrongful death attorney have a fiduciary duty to all beneficiaries who might have a cause of action for wrongful death.

Not only did the other two beneficiaries have the right to participate in the wrongful death case, but they also had the right to retain their own attorneys to represent their interests in it.

The Survival Action

If the decedent survived the accident and then later died as a result of injuries sustained in it, the family also has the right to bring a survival action as an additional count. Compensation from a Wrongful Death, otherwise known as Damages, in a survival action might consist of personal losses to the decedent that include but aren’t limited to lost earnings and pain and suffering.

Many lawyers don’t bring a survival action in conjunction with a wrongful death action. They might be missing some significant damages issues.

The Statute of Limitations

The general rule is that the time limit for bringing a wrongful death action is two years from the date of the decedent’s death. Shorter time periods could apply. There might even be two different time limits for the wrongful death and survival counts. Don’t sleep on your rights. You could be forever barred from proceeding.

Nearly all families have little or no experience in investigation, medical records, complex litigation, legal terminology, standards of care, settlements, trials and releases. The legal prerequisites and complexities involved in a wrongful death case require the legal skills and guidance of a knowledgeable, experienced, responsible and successful wrongful death attorney.

It’s critical that you retain that attorney as soon as possible after a serious or fatal accident.

6 Unusual Worker’s Compensation Cases

Thousands of worker’s compensation claims are filed in the U.S every year. Many kinds of injuries are commonplace or expected with certain professions. For example, slip and fall accidents happen frequently among construction and factory workers. Car accidents or traffic collisions are likely occurrences for cab and delivery service employees. However, a lot of injuries incurred on duty are unforeseen or utterly bizarre. New York Personal Injury Attorneymentions six workplace accidents that will downright surprise you:

1.    The French Fries Rescue

The manager at a McDonald’s franchise wounded her neck while catching a bag of French fries. She claimed that something popped in her neck, followed by a burning sensation when she bent over to grab the chips before they hit the floor. These kinds of injuries are not usually considered valid for compensation, but the court acknowledged that the manager was under pressure to avoid wastage of food and not keep customers waiting too long. The endeavor caused her to bend, twist, and jerk, which definitely saved the fries, but took toll on her.

2.    The Dog Trip

A woman who worked at a retail-clothing store was using her home’s garage as a storage space for cloth samples. One day she was making her way to the garage to fetch some samples for work when she tripped over her pet dog. The woman broke her wrist and was rewarded with worker’s compensation benefits, despite the fact that her employer had no control over the dog. However, the employer was responsible for allowing or instructing her to store the samples at home, which turned the premises into a workstation. 

3.    Pizza Guy vs. Hobo

A pizza delivery guy had returned after completing some deliveries, when he witnessed his colleagues chasing a hobo out of the pizza shop. He decided to join the chase and punctured a lung during combat with the hobo. The shop owner insisted that the injury occurred outside the workplace boundaries, but the court ruled in favor of the delivery guy as he was hurt during duty.

4.    The Fashion Dilemma

A sales clerk at a fashion jewelry store was wearing some very fancy high heels with zippers. Unfortunately, the zippers got caught together, and resulted in a fall that gave her a broken bone. Workers are typically advised to wear comfortable shoes at work, but apparently there were instructions for ‘dressing well’. Her claim was denied at first, but later she won compensation for her injury.

5.    Unlucky Vending Machine

An employee at Circuit City was trying to get a bag of chips from the vending machine, but it got stuck. A 90-year-old coworker tried to help her redeem the trapped chips, but fractured his hip in the process. He was awarded with worker’s compensation benefits, as he was supposedly helping a colleague seek ‘personal comfort’ at work.

6.    Sledgehammer Bowling

A group of laborers found an abandoned bowling ball in the parking lot where they were working. A couple of them started fooling around with the ball and shortly a challenge for breaking the ball with a sledgehammer emerged. One of the laborers accepted the challenge; the ball shattered on the second blow and a shard flew into his eye. The laborer lost his eye but the employer did not compensate him because his actions defied work ethics and were external to the scope of employment.

What is the process of filing a personal injury case?

Many personal injury cases are not taken to the court and settled without any paperwork.  However, in order to understand the process of how the settlement takes place, you should know the following steps:

1 Meeting with a personal injury lawyer:

First of all, you need to search for a personal injury attorney. Most of the attorneys deal with free early consultation; you can discuss your suit with him.

After knowing about your case the injury lawyer may or may not accept your personal injury case. Many attorneys work on conditional fee grounds that is also called “no win, no fee” condition.

The conditional case means you need to pay for the services of attorney only if you win the case.

2. Knowing the statute of limitations

The statute of limitation explains the time limit in which you need to file the case once your injury occurs.  If the statute of limitation is over, then you have no rights to sue the opposite party.  The statute of limitation of a personal injury differs from state to state.

3. Filing your complaint

The important document for the case is known as a petition or complaint. The complaint must consist of below date:

  • Details of the Parties involved
  • The basis for the court’s jurisdiction over the case
  • Petitioner’s lawful claims
  • Evidence that supports the petitioner’s claims
  • The demand of the petitioners from the defendants i.e. monetary damages etc.

4. The process of discovery

The basic stage of the personal injury case is the discovery process.  While this process takes place both the parties need to bring up the witness details and the evidence. Both the parties will take the oath from the witness out of the court and take the statement of witnesses too.

Both the parties will produce the papers that are necessary and can be used as evidence, that is medical reports etc. this process takes a minimum of a month but in complex cases it takes years. The delay in the discovery may be the basis of the delay in the trial appointments.

The lawyers of both the parties can file numerous motions earlier to the trial that may decide the case:

  • Motion to lay off
  • Motion for the summary verdict. 
  •  Motion for default verdict. 

5. Settlement

The settlement is the condition in which the petitioner layoffs the case in return of some type compensation.

When the settlement is concluded, it shifts into the agreement between both the parties. Usually, the settlement is presented to the judge by both the parties to confirm that it will be required as a legal binding contract.

6. Trial and appeal

If the case is not settled and the trial is taking place, the judge will decide according to the evidence that if the defendant is accountable for the petitioner’s claims. The judge takes the decision by analyzing the facts by a dominance of the evidence standard.

The personal injury lawsuit takes some time to complete. The Pacific Attorney Group can help you get the compensation and present the case with strong evidence.

A Legal Claim Guide for Car Accident Wrongful Death

For surviving family, wrongful death is a devastating experience. Along with grief of the departed loved one, the family can find themselves under unforeseen financial problems as a result of the wrongful death. Thus, they need to know about their rights and proper resources to overcome this problem.

What is Wrongful Death in Car Accident?

Law says that the wrongful death accident is an unintended fatality caused due to the recklessness or negligence of someone else. That someone can be a vehicle manufacturer, authorities responsible for road maintenance, or another motorist, etc.

A car wreck wrongful death case involves filing a statement against the negligent party or person to pursue compensation to overcome the financial burden incurred due to the death of their loved one.

Causes of Car Accident Wrongful Death

There can be many factors involved in wrongful death in a car accident. This kind of case varies depending upon who or what was behind those factors. Car accident wrongful death causes may occur due to:

  • Another driver was talking, texting, or using any other application on the cellphone while driving.
  • Poor judgment, fatigue, recklessness, or intoxication on behalf of another driver
  • Poorly maintained or improperly built road or highway
  • Invisible or bad signage on the highway or road
  • Failure of providing inadequate warning about the road hazard by local authorities
  • The vehicle distributor, installer, or manufacturer who released the car with faulty equipment to the market
  • Another driver, driving the vehicle with inadequate training
  • Carrying the load on a vehicle that exceeded its maximum weight
  • Improperly inspected or poorly maintained truck
  • When trucking companies orders to stay on the road for longer which is the violation of federal’s legal limit
  • Negligence of a chauffeur or a cab driver by not obeying the road safety laws.

Above are some factors that are usually involved in the car crash wrongful death. Individual persons, government organizations, or other companies are often involved in these cases. Depending upon the situation, the wrongful death lawsuit plaintiff can claim damages against individuals or authorities.

Who Can Bring Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

Usually, the representative of the deceased victim’s estate files the wrongful death claim on behalf of the relatives of the survivors. Relatives may vary from state to state. In every state, the spouse may file the wrongful death claim on behalf of his/her deceased spouse. Parents can also bring the wrongful death action if any of their minors is killed in the accident, and children can also get compensation over the wrongful death of their parent.

The disagreement among states comes on whether the adult child’s parent can sue or whether the adult child can claim for the wrongful death of the parent, whether the adult siblings can sue, or extended family members like grandparents, uncles, aunts, or cousins can sue for the wrongful death of their relative.

It will be harder to have the claim right when the familial relationship with the victim is more distant. Even in some states, the deceased’s romantic partner can also bring the wrongful death claim or anyone who had financial dependence on the victim.

What to Prove Must In Wrongful Death Case?

In a wrongful death claims, to hold the defendant accountable, the plaintiffs in the case must meet the proof mostly through the deceased victim’s estate that the victim would meet if he/she lived. For instance, taking negligence as a reason to show that the culprit owed a duty of care to the victim, or defendant breached that duty, and it was the proximately the cause of death as the damages plaintiff is trying to compensate are due to the wrongful death.

Damages Recovery In A Wrongful Death

Categories of damages for which the plaintiff can receive compensation for include:

  • The pre-death pain and suffering of the deceased person (it is often termed as ‘survival’ claim)
  • The cost incurred in the medical treatment of the deceased victim as a result of injuries before death
  • Burial and funeral costs
  • Expected income loss of the deceased victim
  • Loss of inheritance due to wrongful death
  • Value of the duties that the deceased person would have provided
  • Loss of nurturing, guidance, and care that the departed person would have provided
  • Loss of companionship, love, and loss of consortium

Deadline For Filing The Wrongful Death Lawsuit

It is a very important aspect of the wrongful death case. The claimant might lose the right to do so if the lawsuit is not filed before the deadline. Depending on the several factors, there is the exception, but the standard timeframe of the wrongful death claim is two years from the death date.

The deadline is one year from the date of death if the death of a person is due to the government authority’s negligence. Notice of the claim must be provided within the six months from the date of death.

The accident attorney Payam Mark Shayani has years of experience with wrongful death car accident tragedies. Contact now as there is no cost in meeting with their car accident wrongful death expert attorneys and discuss the possible legal options.

Qualities of a Reliable Personal Injury Lawyer

You get one shot at presenting your personal injury case to the judge, jury, or insurance company in question. Therefore, it is important that you have someone by your side who can fight for your cause and guarantee a positive outcome. Any lawyer who possesses a license to practice in your state is eligible to handle your claim, but not genuinely qualified. California Personal Injury Attorney, mention the top five qualities to look for in a promising personal injury lawyer:

Empathy and Devotion

You can trust your gut when you meet up with different lawyers to discuss your lawsuit. A lawyer who seems interested in hearing your story and sympathizes with your situation will surely get on your good side. If you feel that a lawyer does not truly understand your circumstances or exhibits indifference, you may confidently cross him/her off your list. You need a lawyer whom you feel comfortable talking to and someone who appears willing to invest his/her precious time in you. This kind of lawyer will have your back and never fall short on availability. 

Relevant Expertise/Specialization

A lot could be depending on the success of your personal injury lawsuit. You cannot afford to ruin this sole opportunity for recovering your loss. Therefore, it is nonnegotiable to hire a competent professional when the stakes are high. You do not just need a legal representative, but a lawyer who has experience in the relative field. You will come across a plethora of personal injury lawyers in your district, but each of them specializes in a separate department. Personal injury is a broad category; some lawyers excel at handling car accident damages, some are good at working out dog bite claims, some focus on medical malpractice cases, and so on. For example, if you were seeking compensation for a workplace injury, none of the lawyers mentioned would be suitable. You shall look for someone who particularly deals with employee lawsuits. `

Self-explanatory Portfolio  

As explained above, you must only rely on a personal injury lawyer who has experience with representing cases similar to yours. If an attorney claims that he/she has the skills to take your case, request for references. A qualified attorney will have no problem with providing information of past cases he/she has fought and won. The lawyer’s portfolio speaks for his/her talent and achievements. Check out testimonials and reviews of past clients on the lawyer’s website and other online platforms. 

Backed by Professionals

The best personal injury lawyers are backed by a team of professionals who undertake all aspects of your case. Most personal injury clients are already going through a lot; dealing with legal formalities is the last thing they need. The lawyer’s team takes care of everything, ranging from filling out forms to negotiating with the insurance company. You are allowed time to grieve and recover from the loss. 

Accommodative Charging Plan  

Personal injury lawyers commonly operate on a contingency basis. This means that they will not charge you a dime, unless the case is won. Their payment is in fact a fraction of what you are rewarded in the lawsuit. Make sure that the lawyer you hire stands true to this policy. Some law firms have hidden charges and demand a fee despite losing the case, so beware!

Top 5 Reasons for Car Accidents

Car accidents are among the leading causes of deaths in the United States, as the majority of the population owns at least one automobile that is utilized for daily commute. Most of the deaths associated with car crashes involve teens and young adults; it is evident that new and young drivers are more prone to accidents due to lack of experience.

People who recently got their driver’s license see it as a thrilling or leisurely activity; they do not realize that it is a skill or power that comes with great responsibility. Every year, millions of people are permanently disabled, incur severe injuries, or die due to roadside accidents in the U.S. The car accident king elaborates the top 5 reasons for these unfortunate events:

Distracted Driving

Driving is a task that requires your full attention and focus at all times, whether you are moving down a deserted lane or standing still at the red light. Diversion of the mind for merely a few seconds can result in fatal consequences and or even cost you your life.

Sadly, there are too many distractions nowadays and a lot of young drivers have a short attention span. Technology is the number one reason for distracted driving; the appeal of an incoming text or call is something that many fail to resist. Several people forget that the seat behind the wheel is not meant for anything but driving. Some individuals are addicted to multitasking, so they cannot abandon the habit even when their senses should concentrate on the road ahead.

Snacking, doing your makeup, daydreaming, or losing yourself in the music are all examples of distractions while you drive. The presence of kids, pets, or other passengers in the car can also cause interference, so maintaining partiality to all disturbances is the key.


Driving under the influence of alcohol or other prohibited drugs like marijuana is a criminal offense, yet too many people do not take it seriously. Drunk driving can be a felony offense that might require a criminal defense attorney. Although the threshold for BAC (blood alcohol concentration) levels is 0.08 for drivers at the legal age of drinking, everyone does not have the same amount of tolerance.

Many people exhibit symptoms like slurred speech and lack of physical coordination just after having a single drink, therefore take a break from driving whenever you have a drink. Intoxication dims the senses, which stops the driver from thinking clearly and reacting quickly. Drunk or drugged drivers harm the lives of many pedestrians, cyclists, and bikers as well.


If you feel tired or exhausted after a long day of work, there is a possibility that you may doze off while driving. You need to be wide awake and energized to safely move on the road. Fatigue and sleepiness are the cause of 20% auto accidents in the U.S. In case driving by yourself is necessary or you do not have a second option, have a caffeine fix beforehand to keep you alert on the highway.

Lack of Auto Maintenance

You need to take care of your car like you take care of your body. Your vehicle should visit the mechanic once in a while to make sure that all its parts and fluids are in optimum condition. Brake failure, tire blowups, and fused headlights often lead to fatal car crashes on busy streets.

Reckless Driving

Control over emotions is an essential attribute for drivers because being reckless behind the wheel is equivalent to suicide. The roads are not your playground and others must not pay for your aggression or bad mood. Always drive with a calm mind and follow traffic rules under all circumstances.