Truck Driving and Truck Safety Tips For Everyone


One thing most drivers frequently forget is that large vehicles such as trucks have a lot of blind spots, so even though they might be driving defensively, this additional effort doesn’t translate to reduction of risk levels.


This is why all drivers need to be educated on what to do when sharing the road with a truck, because when we help a truck driver drive safely, everyone will benefit, and more importantly, no lives will be lost.


Realizing the importance of this, Boulder personal injury attorney Todd Tenge and his firm Tenge Law LLC, has created an infographic guide called “How To Avoid Truck Accidents: A Visual Guide” in which all the necessary information on truck safety have been compiled in an easy to use format.


The Tenge Firm occasionally publishes informative infographics and articles related to their practice areas and expertise, such as this truck infographic, on their blog.