Is Your Doctor Credible Enough to Handle Your Workplace Injury Compensation Claim?

Doctor - Workers Compensation Lawyer San DiegoWe often get calls from worried clients, injured workers with a clear case that was compromised by an untrustworthy medical practitioner. These clients often complain about being sent to an independent medical examination and are getting medical treatment approved by their employer’s insurance company. The problem begins when the IME doctor claims that the worker is fine, even though their doctor clearly specified that they are in no way ready to go back to work. How come? Sadly, these doctors are known to any experienced workers compensation lawyer in San Diego.

Nobody Needs a Hired Gun!

Sometimes the doctors conducting an IME (independent medical examination) have a bad reputation of collaborating with insurance agents. While this might slow your case down a bit, if it reaches court the doctor’s claim won’t mean much if they have a reputation of working with insurance companies. If the doctor chosen by the insurance company lacks credibility, the defense will have a hard time.

The most important part of every trial is to maintain your credibility. Don’t change your story or add any more details that will alter your statement, and you have nothing to worry. You have to make sure that your treating doctor is credible as well, because this too could cause you to lose your case. For example, if your doctor doesn’t perform all the necessary analysis and still testifies that the only way you could have obtained an injury is at work while there could be other plausible causes, you might lose your case just as easily. If the doctor’s statement seems uneducated or biased, the workers compensation committee will probably side with the independent medical examiner.

Make Sure Your Doctor Doesn’t Cost You Your Case

So how can you make sure you don’t lose your case that seems pretty obvious? It’s simple: ask a seasoned work injury attorney in San Diego about the reputation of the doctor that is in charge of your case. If they have a reputation of treating only injured workers and deeming every case a workplace injury without any inquiry about your previous medical condition, then this doctor might as easily cost you your case. If you have a biased doctor as your collaborator, that could mean losing even more than being treated by a doctor who has a reputation of siding with insurance companies.

These are the steps you have to take to ensure you win your case. Ask these questions if you are not sure about the credibility of your doctor, or risk losing your case. If your employer’s insurance company insists you work with a doctor of their choice, make sure you ask around about their reputation and their practice. If the insurance company insists you must see a doctor of their choice, consult a workplace injury lawyer immediately.

Side with an Ethical Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in San Diego

Injured workers face denied compensation claims every year due to their doctors lacking credibility and improper legal representation. At Accident & Work Injury Law Group we believe in an ethical yet aggressive approach to each case. With over 80 years of combined experience, our attorneys offer legal representation to workers just like yourself. Find out why our service is unmatched, contact us at 1-800-300-6175 for a free consultation.