Involved in a Nurse Injury Claim? Seek Help from the Premier Workers Compensation Attorney El Cajon

Nurse with a Neck Pain - Workers Compensation Attorney El CajonWe get a lot of inquiries from potential clients looking for a respectable workers compensation attorney in El Cajon relating to workplace injuries suffered as a nurse. We have had the pleasure of working with nurses and various medical professionals and have helped a large number of them in our career. In this article, nurses can get an overview of injury claims and find out more about whether their injuries qualify for workplace injury compensation.

The Risks Nurses Face

Most often, nurses complain about back injuries suffered as a result of lifting and assisting immobile or heavy patients. These cases are very different from the standard calls we receive from factory workers who strain their back due to lifting heavy, inanimate objects. The biggest challenge is that nurses’ line of work is almost never considered light duty. If the injuries sustained result in a lasting physical condition, it is imperative to make sure the restrictions that come as a result of having suffered such an injury are respected, with their tasks adjusted accordingly.

Another huge challenge comes from a fact that a nurse can suffer from an injury sustained as a result of an infection. For example, some infections like Clostridium difficile or C-Diff can seriously harm your colon. However, as these infections could be contracted anywhere, fighting the insurance company to prove the infection was contracted in the line of duty can be quite challenging. This is why it is important to have an experienced and trustworthy workplace injury attorney by your side in claims like this.

How Can We Help?

Luckily for you, Accident & Work Injury Law Group excels in these particularly challenging cases. What we can do is help prove you contracted infections similar to the one mentioned from a patient, making you entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits as well as covering the medical expenses and time off.

To build your case, we have to prove that you previously worked with patients who were suffering from infections in question or that you were exposed to them in the hospital, for example if you worked on a floor that takes care of patients with the same symptoms. While these cases often prove challenging, on the other hand, a credible testimony and lack of other possible sources of the infection may be enough for you to win the case. You can even ask a fellow nurse to give her statement corroborating your story.

Seek Advice from an Expert Workers Compensation Attorney El Cajon

Serious injuries are not reserved for heavy-duty jobs like construction workers, drivers and similar professions. In fact, nurses might even be at a greater risk due to the specific nature of their injuries that are often unforeseeable and out of their control. If you sustained an injury working as a nurse, you are as entitled to workers’ compensation as a victim in any other profession is. The most important thing is to take your time to heal completely. Leave seeking justice for your injuries to the professionals and contact Accident & Work Injury Law Group for a free initial consultation.