Watch Out for the Four Common Workplace Accidents

Workplace injuries can vary from life-threatening to minor, but can affect any employee. Depending on the hazard level of a working environment, their frequency can vary. Health experts and safety inspectors all over the country are working towards minimizing the risk of a workplace injury. A lot of workers seeking a trusted Chula Vista work injury lawyer report the same types of injuries, forming a pattern.

1. Overexertion

Lifting, throwing, holding, pulling or pushing a heavy weight can result in overexertion, one of the most common workplace injuries. Experts all agree that the best way to minimize the risk of overexertion is to provide the equipment for the heavy lifting. However, not all companies can afford this usually expensive equipment. In this case, the employees should go through a thorough health examination to determine if lifting heavy weight poses a risk to them. Employees should receive proper training to learn the techniques used for heavy lifting.

2. Bodily Reactions

These injuries stem from climbing, reaching or slipping without falling which leads to various injuries like knee, ankle or foot injuries. The best way to eliminate the risk of these injuries is to control the environmental conditions that lead these accidents. Scattered tools and clutter can increase the risk of tripping and causing this type of injury. It is also important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and receive proper physical training to avoid injuries caused by prolonged uncomfortable postures.

3. Falling

Same as with the previous entry, cluttered workspace accounts for a large percent of falling injuries. This is why it is vital that you keep your workplace neat in order to avoid these accidents. If the ground at your workspace is slippery, using a protective, slip-resistant coating or proper footwear can help prevent a large percent of these injuries.

The more difficult form of falling is falling to a lower level. This is why workers must check that the ladders are operational and properly placed. Scaffolding should also be double-checked and regularly maintained. The employer must ensure that there is a person in charge of keeping these tools in line to avoid potentially fatal injuries. Workers should also be encouraged to wear protective clothing and fall protection.

4. Getting Struck

Last but not least, being hit by a falling object such as a tool or construction material also accounts for a significant percent of work injuries. This is why workers should be encouraged to wear protective gear (PPE) to reduce the impact of falling objects. This gear includes hardhats, glasses, face shields and more. Construction materials should be properly stacked to prevent the material from falling, sliding or collapsing and avoid construction accidents. Avoid standing under hoists, cranes and heavy machines while they are in use. To avoid being hit by vehicles in the workplace, workers should wear visible clothing and the vehicles in question should be checked regularly and thoroughly.

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