All you Need to Know about Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip & Fall Injury - Work Injury Attorney Chula VistaWinter is nearly here, and with it comes the increased risk of slip and fall accidents due to unpredictable weather conditions, especially storms. While we sincerely hope that you take all the necessary precautions not to get involved in such an accident, in reality such a slip could happen to anyone no matter how careful they are.

Furthermore, slip and fall accidents do not necessarily occur during the winter. Such accidents can happen any time of the year, most commonly on construction sites, for example, due to a wet floor or spilled oil. When workers sustain an injury from slip and fall accidents, the most important thing to know is you have to be able to tell what caused the fall or at least that something was responsible for your fall. Our top work injury attorney in Chula Vista advises that you make a note of the circumstances surrounding the fall in order to ensure your entitlement to the workplace injury compensation.

Mind Your Statement

Knowing how the fall occurred and what caused it is instrumental in winning your case. On the other hand, tripping over your own foot will likely not be considered a workers compensation case. Therefore, if you are not certain of what caused you to fall, you will likely not have a case. These cases are often labeled as idiopathic accidents, and due to lack of circumstance and evidence are not considered a case.

You don’t have to be completely sure what caused you to fall, just that there was an outside factor, a defect or an error, that prompted the slip. That means that you don’t have to know what exactly covered the slippery floor, only that it was slippery and that you fell as a direct result. Of course, knowing why you fell will certainly help your case, so if you learn that the floor had recently been cleaned or waxed, make sure to remember and let your work injury attorney in Chula Vista know.

Of course, such a fall often happens suddenly, and you cannot be completely clear on how it happened. However, remember never to give a recorded statement saying things like “I can’t remember as it happened so fast” or “I am not certain of how I fell” because they will be used against your case.

Stay Honest

The same decent workers usually tell us that they felt their feet slip, but are not certain what caused it. Most often a credible statement that you slipped is enough to win the case, though further investigation into the matter can only help you win. On the other hand, sometimes the cases are denied because the employer testifies that the inspection found no clues that support the worker’s claim. Additionally, if you don’t know the reason for your fall but state that you were in a rush to get to a meeting or deliver something, this is often a good enough reason to win a claim.

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