Top 5 Reasons for Car Accidents

Car accidents are among the leading causes of deaths in the United States, as the majority of the population owns at least one automobile that is utilized for daily commute. Most of the deaths associated with car crashes involve teens and young adults; it is evident that new and young drivers are more prone to accidents due to lack of experience.

People who recently got their driver’s license see it as a thrilling or leisurely activity; they do not realize that it is a skill or power that comes with great responsibility. Every year, millions of people are permanently disabled, incur severe injuries, or die due to roadside accidents in the U.S. The car accident king elaborates the top 5 reasons for these unfortunate events:

Distracted Driving

Driving is a task that requires your full attention and focus at all times, whether you are moving down a deserted lane or standing still at the red light. Diversion of the mind for merely a few seconds can result in fatal consequences and or even cost you your life.

Sadly, there are too many distractions nowadays and a lot of young drivers have a short attention span. Technology is the number one reason for distracted driving; the appeal of an incoming text or call is something that many fail to resist. Several people forget that the seat behind the wheel is not meant for anything but driving. Some individuals are addicted to multitasking, so they cannot abandon the habit even when their senses should concentrate on the road ahead.

Snacking, doing your makeup, daydreaming, or losing yourself in the music are all examples of distractions while you drive. The presence of kids, pets, or other passengers in the car can also cause interference, so maintaining partiality to all disturbances is the key.


Driving under the influence of alcohol or other prohibited drugs like marijuana is a criminal offense, yet too many people do not take it seriously. Drunk driving can be a felony offense that might require a criminal defense attorney. Although the threshold for BAC (blood alcohol concentration) levels is 0.08 for drivers at the legal age of drinking, everyone does not have the same amount of tolerance.

Many people exhibit symptoms like slurred speech and lack of physical coordination just after having a single drink, therefore take a break from driving whenever you have a drink. Intoxication dims the senses, which stops the driver from thinking clearly and reacting quickly. Drunk or drugged drivers harm the lives of many pedestrians, cyclists, and bikers as well.


If you feel tired or exhausted after a long day of work, there is a possibility that you may doze off while driving. You need to be wide awake and energized to safely move on the road. Fatigue and sleepiness are the cause of 20% auto accidents in the U.S. In case driving by yourself is necessary or you do not have a second option, have a caffeine fix beforehand to keep you alert on the highway.

Lack of Auto Maintenance

You need to take care of your car like you take care of your body. Your vehicle should visit the mechanic once in a while to make sure that all its parts and fluids are in optimum condition. Brake failure, tire blowups, and fused headlights often lead to fatal car crashes on busy streets.

Reckless Driving

Control over emotions is an essential attribute for drivers because being reckless behind the wheel is equivalent to suicide. The roads are not your playground and others must not pay for your aggression or bad mood. Always drive with a calm mind and follow traffic rules under all circumstances.