What to do if your worker compensation claim is delayed?

What to do if your worker compensation claim is delayed?

Employees often sustain injuries at work and some of these injuries can disable them. In case you suffer from a work related injury that disables you, and prevents you from doing your job or other routine tasks, there are a few options available. One of these options is to seek professional help from a legal representative in order to know what can be done in your case.

Consulting with a legal representative can be helpful in learning about the worker’s compensation program that is dispensed by the state. Workers’ comp protects those who receive injuries at work and prevents them from losing everything after their injury. Worker’s compensation provides financial benefits that can be a replacement for the previous source of income of the worker. Moreover, these benefits are also meant to serve as a compensation for the pain and stress endured by the worker.

The immediate action required after an injury is to seek medical attention in order to make sure that the injuries are taken care of. After getting treatment, the injured should contact the employer and inform them about the injury and the circumstances in which the injury took place. Information given to the superiors or employer should include every detail about the injury, the circumstances in which it took place, what lead to the accident, who else was involved and the consequences that the injured is facing. It is better for the injured to have a legal representative who can prove their story. There are cases, however, in which it is difficult to prove that the received injury resulted from a work related accident. These difficulties arise in cases that involve injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome or other conditions that need time to develop.

As soon as you let your supervisors know about the injury, they will file a worker’s compensation claim for you. An answer from the Administration Board will be received that will contain information whether the worker’s compensation claim was approved or not.

Delayed Worker’s Compensation Claim

Sometimes, the worker’s compensation claim is delayed. The insurance companies at times try to exhaust the injured worker by delaying the claim, so that he or she quits trying to acquire the financial benefits they are legally entitled to. Worker’s compensation claims can be delayed for a period of about 90 days.

This situation can be avoided by hiring a legal representative and let him handle the process. If a legal representative is hired from the very beginning of the case, no one will be able to reject or even delay the worker’s compensation claim. Attorneys experienced in handling delayed claims are very proficient in negotiating settlements and making sure that the injured is provided with the largest settlement.

In other cases that have not been moving forward, the claim is deferred for a legitimate reason. In such cases, the injured is provided counsel about methods to overcome those reasons. Sometimes, the hired attorneys prove to be ineffective in dealing with the worker’s compensation claim and hence the claim is delayed. New legal representation is required in such cases.

Reviewing the medical reports can prove to be effective in order to prepare more compelling evidence regarding the worker’s injury. This would prepare a successful appeal which may prove helpful in getting the needed compensation.

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