Workers Compensation Press Updates

  • States fight long battle to curb prescription costs
    Getting prescriptions filled at doctors’ offices fell under scrutiny more than a decade ago, as workers compensation payers noticed how the medications were costing significantly more than what was doled out at a traditional pharmacy.
  • Employers must heed current equipment locking, tagging mandates
    Lockout/tagout rules apply in numerous workplaces, and most employers need to be aware of them, according to experts.
  • Dated safety rule up for debate
    A frequently cited U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration rule up for review highlights intersecting themes of politics, safety best practices and technology outpacing regulation.
  • Doctors keep dispensing despite reforms
    States that enacted reforms to rein in the high cost of drugs dispensed by physicians to injured workers face an uphill battle as some doctors find loopholes in the regulations.
  • Comp sector slow on diversity trends
    The changing demographics of the U.S. workforce raise questions about how the workers compensation industry can adapt to provide care for a diverse population of injured workers.