Workers Compensation Press Updates

  • Medical providers suspended from comp system for fraud
    The California Division of Workers’ Compensation announced Thursday that it has suspended six medical providers from participating in California’s workers compensation system, bringing the total number of suspended providers this year to 38.
  • Hockey-playing state worker fouls New York comp system
    An aide for a state youth detention center in New York is facing time in the workers-compensation-fraud penalty box — a.k.a. jail — after he claimed a debilitating injury kept him from doing his job but was caught playing competitive ice hockey, according to the Rome Sentinel.
  • Construction employers could see 30-day grace period on OSHA silica rule
    Construction employers making good-faith efforts to comply with the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s silica regulation could avoid citations during the first 30 days after the agency begins enforcing the rule.
  • Washington state calls for comp rate decrease
    The average amount employers pay for workers compensation insurance in Washington state would drop 2.5% in 2018 under a proposal released Wednesday by Washington’s Department of Labor and Industries.